April 23, 2015
Why It Ain’t Over - A New Culture is Born
Why It Ain't Over
When Sandra first came up with the idea of the tombstone with the slash through it, she did it only as a joke and realistically thought it was too strong an image to use. After some soul searching and bouncing the idea off friends & family, we figured "Why Not?"... It would be good to have a little fun and separate ourselves from the "over the hill" themes found in most party and novelty stores.

It also happened to be the focal point of the lyrics I had written for a song called "1 Pleasure and 1 Regret".  We changed the name to "It Ain't Over" and fine tuned the design of the T-shirt with a local company called Screen Magic.

We then carried the same design theme through to our CD cover and, presto, a new culture was born!  Hopefully, the concept will ignite a dormant passion in our Boomer/Zoomer generation and they will enjoy and be inspired by the product line and the life-changing message it sends.

As Dylan Thomas said in one of his poems about aging, "Do Not Go Gently into that Good Night".

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